A Spot of Shameless Back Patting

by Rapid Welding 6. August 2013 13:33

We've been getting some super feedback from customers through our surveys, and we always enjoy reading the comments and suggestions which might help us improve our service. It's also nice to know when we've got it right too!

 For those of you who use the website, you'll have noticed the regularly updated comments on the homepage. We've had all sorts of ideas and messages of thanks posted, even from customers as far afield as Australia! Everyone is important to us, no matter how big or small the order, and we want our service to offer the best customer care possible. When the people in the know put forward their suggestions, we like to think we take them onboard. 

Here's a look at one of our recently received feedback surveys.

Overall Quality of Rapid Experience = 10

Appearance and Ease of Use = 10

Enough Product Choice = Yes

How Competitive = Very

Goods Arrived = Very Quick

Goods Well Packaged and Arrived In Good Order = Yes

Quality of Communications = Impressive

Received Good Value For Money = Yes

Use Us Again = Yes

Recommend Us = Yes

Use comments in Marketing = Yes

Receive Monthly Newsletter = Yes

Additional Comments = Once again Rapid Welding have surpassed themselves. Even stuff they had to back order arrived very quickly and they kept me informed throughout the entire process. Hugely impressed with their service, I really am. A firm like this deserve to do well. I will certainly be placing more orders with them, and if i wanted to purchase an entire new machine I would DEFINITELY be placing my order with them without any doubt whatsoever. Really truly impressive service.


The Invertec 300 & 400TPX

by Rapid Welding 1. August 2013 15:08

We are very pleased to be able to bring to our customers the Invertec 300TPX & 400TPX from Lincoln Electric, two lightweight and robust units manufactured for use in even the most hazardous of working environments.


Main features include:

  • HF TIG Ignition
  • Lift TIG Ignition
  • 2 or 4 Step
  • Variable down Ssope & postflow control
  • Digital Preset Meter with Hold Function
  • Built in variable pulse
  • Light weight & portable
  • 10 Memory locations for personal weld settings
  • Carts available for easy trasportation of unit
  • Option to stick weld with variety of popular stick electrodes (inc. Cellulosic)
  • Changable into water cooled units (adding COOL ARC 21 & 46 water coolers)
  • Input Power 400/3/50/60
  • User friendly control panel layout


For more information on the Invertec 300 & 400 TPX, visit the Rapid store at: 



Or speak to Andy on: 44 (0)23 92 214 214 

Lincoln Electric:


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Nothing about Welding and a lot about Drumming

by Rapid Welding 16. July 2013 19:42

Jamie B as some of you might know him 

We’re always very proud of anything our team achieves in or out of the world of welding supplies and industrial gases. When it was brought to our attention that our very own Jamie Bynam – one of our gas driver’s based at the Nursling yard – has a hidden talent, of course we wanted to know a bit more ...

Meet Jamie B the Drummer!

When did you start drumming, Jamie? I started drumming when I was around 10/11 years old, and was very influenced by the music of the time, including bands like Level 42, Kajagoogoo, Nik Kershaw and Howard Jones.

Why the drums? I always wanted to be a bass player or guitarist, but found it too fiddly. One day I was invited down to see a family friends band rehearse, and when I walked in there was this massive drum kit on stage and I was like, wow, what's this? It all went from there.

Did you have lessons? I was very lucky as the years passed to have lessons from the drummer of the band, which is where I learnt my craft.

What bands were you into while you were playing? While I was having lessons I was introduced to bands like Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Van Halen and ZZ Top. This changed the sort of drumming I wanted to do. Nowadays my influences are many, but to name a few we have Nicko McBrain - Iron Maiden, Neil Peart - Rush, Gavin Harrison -Porcupine Tree, and Robert Sweet - Stryper.


 Have you played in a band yourself? I've spet the last 25 years playing in rock bands. To name a few I was in Mister Fusion, Sacred Ace, and tons more. During my time with Sacred Ace we recorded a CD, but the band finished a while after so I took a back seat in drumming and focused on my growing family and changing career. As I was gradually reducing my drumming activity, I made the decision around 3 years ago to retire and sold all my gear.

Little did you know. So what made you start back up again? I met a friend a year or so ago who'd twice tried to get me to join his band, "Monkey Face". I kept declining until April this year, when I was asked if I could help out at an audition as a guitarist. I thought, O.K., I'll do it, but that would be it. Like some things in life, you can't change your mind. When the guys asked me to join the band full time - along with a new guitarist, the band changed it's name to X Presidents, and that's where we are now.

How did the auditions go? Were they like X-Factor for bands? The guitarist auditions were X factor style. We gave each guitarist an hour and a half slot to impress us, and after a few seeions we found the new guy.

Does the band have a facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/TheXPresidents?ref=hl and we’re looking at getting a proper fully flashing and shiny website soon too.












Save Phace Prizes at Air Products Skillweld 2013

by Rapid Welding 4. July 2013 14:02

At Skillweld this year - the UK's prestigious and highly contended competition to find Britain's most talented trainee welder - the gifted winners of the seven semi-final events held across the country were handed specially designed Save Phace helmets with the Air Products logo (Air Products being the prime sponsor for Skillweld).

Exciting stuff, eh?

It all came about when Colin Kennedy, Marketing Associate for Air Products UK and Ireland, visited Rapid HQ in Portsmouth (Rapid is very proud to be an agent for Air Products offering a full range of industrial gases). Browsing our extensive website, he hit upon the great range of Save Phace Helmets and wanted to see more. Two months later he asked for a quote and made a purchase, with the fantastic idea of using them at Skillweld for the semi-final prizes.

Needless to say, when we sent the photos of the end result to the lovely Paul at Save Phace, he was really chuffed and understandably so.

It's a great product, and now part of a great association.


 We love this picture of 'wonder welder', Claire Murphy from Ardrossan, clutching her Save Phave helmet with Air Products logo.

About Skillweld

"The standard of workmanship has been high this year with more than 60 trainees taking part in the semi-final" Spatter Matter - Welding World 

Skillweld 2013 is closed now, but for all you budding trainee welders out there, there's always next time. The competition is open to all ages with good levels of skill in MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG welding.

This year the final is due to take place in Birmingham (14th - 16th November) with the shortlist of the 10 contenders being announced in a few months time.

According to Colin, there was an abundance of welding talent and enthusiasm at the semi finals, which "Bodes well for the future of the UK'S welding industry".

Things will be heating up come November. Rods at the ready, folks!  



Save Phace products are available from Rapid online at: http://www.rapidwelding.com/dynamic/TextSearch.aspx?t=1

For more information on the Skillweld competition, visit: http://www.airproducts.co.uk/skillweld/TheCompetition.htm

Air Products Website: http://www.airproducts.co.uk/

As an agent for Air Products, Rapid offers the full range of industrial gases. The new Maxx and trade shielding gases, standard industry mixtures, acetylene, argon, Coogar, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen are all available in various cylinder sizes to meet your requirements. Next working day delivery is offered as standard, or you can collect from our Rapid Gas premises.

For more information on Rapid Gases, visit: http://www.rapidgases.com/

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The NEW Speedtec 180 & 200C range of inverter Multi-Process Welders - UK Promotion

by Rapid Welding 6. June 2013 15:05

Are you looking for a welding machine that can do MIG, MMA and TIG welding?

Then the NEW Speedtec 180 & 200C range of inverter Multi-Process Welders might just be the ticket.




Used in many different applications, the Speedtec 180 & 200C units are small and light-weight with compact housing. Powered by mains or motor generator, they can be easily moved around the workspace and used in a number of environments, including confined or remote spaces.


Order your NEW Speedtec 180 or 200C inverter Multi-Process Welder now to receive a FREE Viking 1840 Welding Helmet 

 How to Claim
- Claims for the FREE Welding Helmet are only valid on machines ordered between from 3rd June 2013 and 31st July 2013 inclusive. Claims made outside of this period may not validated.
- Only orders placed from a UK supplier will qualify for this promotion.


For more information on the NEW Speedtec 180 & 200C range of inverter Multi-Process Welders and how to claim this promotion, go to:


Or speak to Andy: http://www.rapidwelding.com/

Tel: 023 92 214 214

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A Bet Honoured!

by Rapid Welding 28. May 2013 11:54

At Rapid HQ we like to do what we say and say what we do, so when two of our colleagues, Logan and Kay, decided to make life interesting and have a wager on who would finish higher in their respective football leagues, Portsmouth & Southampton, the stakes were fairly high to win.

When the season finally came to a close, Southampton were placed 13th in the premier league while Portsmouth were rooted to the bottom of the Npower Division 1 league in 24th Place.


And the prize for losing?


Logan had to wear a Southampton shirt at work for the day. 


Suck it up, man, suck it up! 

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Rapid joins AWD in London for Weekend of Celebration

by Rapid Welding 30. April 2013 11:54

40th Anniversary Celebration with the AWD  - Snapshots from the Rapid Album!

We've Arrived!  

The team at Rapid would like to thank the organisers of the AWD for putting together another fun-filled and memorable weekend. Yet again we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Over the weekend our programme included:

  • The Annual General Meeting and welcome event 
  • HM Tower of London visit
  • Medieval banquet
  • London bus tour
  • View from The Shard, Europe's Tallest building
  • Champagne Flight on the Millennium Eye
  • Gala dinner and jazz evening on the River Thames
  •  Downtime to enjoy all those wonderful shopping opportunities...Taxi to Kings Road anyone?


Incredible view from The Shard


Glamming it up at the Gala Dinner

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New in at Rapid - The Kemppi Mastertig LT 250 Across The Arc Tig Add On Unit

by Rapid Welding 17. April 2013 10:00


Kemppi MasterTig LT 250 - Tig Welding without control & mains voltage cables

MasterTig LT 250 eliminates the need for traditional control and mains voltage power cables, removing related health and site safety risks, cable management and site maintenance issues. The air cooled electronic power source is ideal for challenging environments, including high ambient temperatures, humidity and sub-zero work site conditions. Powered from any DC welding power source that provides a minimum of 40 volts pole voltage, including welding generators, MMA and MIG/MAG sources, MasterTig LT 250 provides a most versatile DC TIG solution.

Key Features:

  • Light weight (12.6kg)
  • No control or mains voltage power cables required
  • Designed for extreme condition working environments including high humidity climates (up to 40C) and sub zero climates (down to -20C)
  • Precise HF and Touch-Arc ignition in both DC ,TIG and MMA
  • Clear digital display
  • Rear panel mounted gas control meter


For more information and to view similar products in Rapid's Kemppi product category, please go to:



Seen a better deal? Talk to Andy

023 92 214 214





Seawork International Exhibition Updates!

by Rapid Welding 10. April 2013 11:49

Seawork 2013

Rapid Welding and Industrial Supplies Ltd. is at Seawork this year on stand SR15, showcasing essential equipment for the offshore market, especially for the aluminium sector. One of the many issues with boat and shipbuilding is the ability to weld or cut below deck, and working in confined spaces can be awkward and potentially hazardous enough without having to take machine equipment below too. To highlight Rapid’s ability to provide solutions, we will be displaying the Kemppi FastMig Aluminium Pulse 4200W, fitted with 25m (yes, metre) Weldsnake. The Kemppi Weldsnake is a cable with an inline feeder, and together with the 5m torch gives an impressive total length of 30m.


Kemppi Products will feature on our stand!

We’ll also have the Hypertherm 85 plasma cutter with 15m torch (which can be extended to 22m). Both these machines will be available to view on the stand, along with the lightweight and extremely portable 300Bar Integra® cylinders from Air Products, enabling boat & ship-builders greater access to their work.

We look forward to seeing you there.





International iF Product Design Award 2012 for the Kempact RA

by Rapid Welding 28. March 2013 09:26

 International iF Product Design Award 2012 for the Kempact RA






The news just in is that the Kempact RA by Kemppi has won the esteemed International iF Product Design award 2012 at the annual competition organised in Germany. The competition is hosted by iF International Forum Design which has been globally recognised as a ‘hallmark of design excellence’ for almost 60 years. Each year a team of international design experts rigorously test the products entered.

'The Kempact RA product range creates a 'completely new standard' for compact MIG/MAG machines' Kemppi

The Kempact RA product range was designed to meet the demands of modern day welders, making welding ‘efficient, accurate, and productive’. With a user survey implemented as part of the design process and involvement from participants in various countries and operating environments, the end result was a welding machine breaking boundaries in terms of usability, adaptability and design standards.

‘Completely new and innovative’ Kemppi

Kemppi made some radical changes to the architecture and functionality: the new machine is high and openable at the front, as opposed to the old design which was low and opened at the side. Other new features include an integrated gas cylinder transporter, eliminating the issue of the user having to manually lift it on and off. Robust handles and big wheels mean transportation of the machine and the cylinder is ergonomically friendly, as does the design and positioning of the new control panel.

And this isn't the first award Kemppi have won based on design and usability. In 2006 the MinarcMig Adaptive won the Red Dot Design Award and in 2009 the FitWeld Welding Machine and SuperSnake GT02S Subfeeder achieved Red Dot honorary mentions.

Congratulations Kemppi

Buy the Kemppi Kempact RA from Rapid Welding Supplies. See our Full Range of Welders & Welding Equipment on site & Buy On-line Now for great discounts!


For more information try:

http://www.kemppi.com/inet/kemppi/en/akp.nsf/frameset/Frameset?OpenDocument&left=/inet/kemppi/en/akp.nsf/WEB_Nav?OpenView&navcat=Search&main=/inet/kemppi/kit.nsf/0/44EE37374F8F5AB7C225798B003E051F?opendocument&top=/inet/kemppi/en/akp.nsf/Top?ReadForm&topcat=Product Info


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