New in at Rapid - Plymovent Fume Extraction & Filtration Solutions

by Rapid Welding 12. November 2013 08:08

Plymovent Fume Extraction Solutions Now Available From Rapid

Visible and invisible air pollutants such as welding fumes are a hazard to people's health, and total fume extraction is often only achievable using a collaboration of methods, including adequate ventilation, personal protection, and a full risk assessment of the application and welding process being used. 

Rapid Welding is now an authorised distributor for Plymovent Ltd, a 'major global player that supplies products, systems and services for air extraction and filtration'. With health and safety at the forefront in every workplace, Plymovent products provide engineered solutions for achieving emission free conditions and safe working environments.  

Here's a look at just some of the Plymovent products available from Rapid - just click on the link beneath the picture for more information.

Plymovent Mobile Fume Extractors  


Plymovent Extraction Arm

Spark Arrester: provides near to 100% protection against sparks and cigarette butts   

Rapid supplies a variety of effective fume extraction solutions by Plymovent, including flexible extraction arms to capture fumes at source, mobile fume filters for extra flexibility around various workplaces and extraction workbenches ideal for welding booths, so please take a look online or call for more information.

Useful Links & More Info 

As always, our product specialist, Andy, is available to discuss your specific requirements, so feel free get in touch online (Live chat link is at the top of the page) or give him a bell on +44 (0)23 92 214 214. He's always happy to take your call.

Here's the full range of Plymovent products available from Rapid  

And for more information on Plymovent, here's the link to their official website. 


Happy - and safe - welding!





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Adjustable Protection, Comfort and Style from 3M - SF200 Series Protective Eyewear

by Rapid Welding 22. October 2013 12:51

Is it time to update your PPE at work?

Then take a look at the new 3M SecureFit range of protective eyewear, now available from Rapid.

With a flexible frame, rimless lens, fixed-length temple arm and 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology, these new spectacles spread the pressure over the ear and naturally adjust to fit different facial profiles without compromising on comfort, fit, or protection.

This product is suitable for use in a range of applications, including engineering, construction, inspection work, general assembly and light duty maintenance and repair, and because they are self adjusting, it's simply a case of wear and work.  

Features include:

  • 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple (PDT) Technology
  • Pressure diffusion throughout the temples to enhance comfort without sacrificing security of fit
  • Reduces the need to stockpile multiple spectacles
  • Helps reduce eyewear/frame slippage during workplace head movements
  • Stylish design weights less than 18g for lightweight comfort
  • Anti-scratch (AS) and anti-fog (AF) coatings
  • Clear tint - Good colour recognition and excellent UV protection


Check out the Rapid website for more information on this great product and other safety solutions.


To request a free sample and for more info, here's the link for the 3M website 



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CK Worldwide Wedge™ Collet

by Rapid Welding 17. October 2013 20:21

A lot of customers buying CK Worldwide's Wedge collet have commented that they are so much better than the old  split design. The new technology wedges the tungsten against the collet body, and with no slot, there is nothing to weaken and deform the collet, meaning it can last a whopping 10x longer than the standard version.


Not only does this patented new technology from CK Worldwide last longer, but it provides better quality welds and fits other collet bodies.

Check out this CK Worldwide video for more info on this product


Or visit Rapid's online CK store 



Happy Welding!

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Rapid Marine - Bringing something new to the industry

by Rapid Welding 24. September 2013 07:57


Rapid Marine was officially launched in July this year, bringing to market adjustable lifting slings and stainless steel 316 ratchet strap kits especially designed for tenders.  

For all of us who have experienced the joy of getting slings made in wire, only to find they don't fit as well as you would like, these slings are a godsend as each leg is fully adjustable.

 Mike Evers at Rapid Marine developed the system a few years ago, and has been supplying the likes of Williams Performance Tender, Princess Motor Yachts and Sunseeker Sales UK to name but a few.  Mike's knowledge is often called upon by boat owners and retailers seeking advice on anything to do with lifting and securing a tender, and so he really knows his stuff and understands what people need.

Using our unique adjustable buckle, our slings fit 99% of all tender regardless of the lifting equipment on your boat 

With competitive prices, experienced product knowledge and customer service, Rapid Marine is fast becoming the market leader for this type of product, and the web site presents the range of products in such a way/format that selecting the correct sling is based on the lifting equipment on your boat, not your tender.   

check out the Davit Sling Calculator Chart on the Davit Sling page.

The best three words to describe Rapid Marine products are: Certified, Adjustable and Quality.

 Tie down kits are manufactured using 316 stainless steel ratchets and 25mm polyester webbing.

Slings are available in a variety of sizes to meet your individual requirements, and we also offer a bespoke service for when off the shelf just won't do.

Sling Kit at a Glance: 

  • Simple fitting instructions
  • Certificate of conformity
  • All stainless 316 fittings
  • Storage bag
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Insurance compliant
  • Unique adjustable sliding buckle
  • Certified to EU Safety Standards 


Since July, the team at Rapid Marine have been busy. Launching at the PSP Southampton Boat Show this year - thanks to BHG Marine and Zodiac who kindly incorporated the Rapid Marine display on their stand - it was great to see the range so well received. 

For more info on all products and any questions, contact Mike at Rapid Marine HQ: +44 (0)12 02 624 754 

Or email: 


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Still Having Fun in Essen

by Rapid Welding 18. September 2013 13:57

Well, we're still in Essen, Germany, and having loads of fun catching up with suppliers, ex-employees and friends alike.

Obviously we made a bee-line for the Air Products stand and we were sehr beeindruckt (very impressed) with how it looked.


Do I recognise that dress from somewhere, Marianne?


We also caught up with Richard Etchings, Andrew Thomas, and Philip Goldney from Wellington Welding - local competitors of Rapid and a bunch of great people we consider as 'old friends' - who says you can't all get on! While we were all nattering,  we bumped into our old mucker Nick Dully from JSP ( ex-Rapid so obviously a great guy!)  and we thought it was a great photo opportunity not to be missed.


 Our Roy, with the lads from Wellington Welding and Nick Dully from JSP


Of course, no welding event would be complete without a visit to the Weldability Sif stand! 


 Um, Marianne, there's someone photo bombing behind you!

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Rapid at Essen

by Rapid Welding 16. September 2013 10:45


This week we are in Essen visiting the 18th international trade fair, demonstrating the 'international specialist world of joining, cutting and surfacing'.

Stopping by the Kemppi stand, we had the pleasure of meeting Valtteri Bottas, the F1 Williams Team driver who is in Germany visiting the trade fair with his lovely grid girls!

 Valtteri Bottas with his grid girls ... I mean with Roy & Marianne from Rapid


Stay posted for more updates.


For more details on the fair, visit:


For more info on Kemppi and Valtteri Bottas at Essen, visit:

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Hang on & Hold on! Rapid Marine launches at Southampton Boat Show

by Rapid Welding 13. September 2013 12:05

Supporting Your Tender Behind


The emerging market leaders for lifting slings and stainless steel 316 ratchet tie down kits for tenders, Rapid Marine also supports many well known brands and Motor Yacht dealer and tender retails. 




Our customers include Princess Motor Yacht and PR Nautica. We are also the preferred supplier to Williams Performance Jet Tenders, supplying all their branded lifting slings and stainless tie down kits.

Using our unique adjustable buckle, our slings fit 99% of all tender regardless of the lifting equipment on your boat.

We also offer a bespoke service for when off-the-shelf just won't do.    




We are so excited to be at the Southampton Boat Show this year, showcasing our adjustable lifting slings that won't let you down! 

We look forward to welcoming you on stand:

BHG Marine : Stand C039
Z Marine : Stand D025



Telephone: +44 (0)12 02 624 754


Follow us on Twitter: @rapidweldingcom 


Quality without compromise - The Rapid Way  




Rubbing shoulders with the F1 stars - What an opportunity from Kemppi!

by Rapid Welding 4. September 2013 12:08

As promised, here's a little snapshot of the fab weekend Richard had in Belgium with the Williams and Kemppi!


I landed in Brussels on the Friday, after waiting for the rest of the other campaign winners to arrive we left straight for the circuit. For Friday I had a seat in a stand just before the eau rouge corner, this gave good views of the straight after the first corner and eau rouge section.



The extreme elevation change of the corner and the sheer speed of the cars taking the corner flat out was an impressive sight. Friday was free practice day, and after seeing the formula one, Porsche super cup and GP2 sessions it was time to check in at the hotel in Maastricht. Friday evening was spent with a meal in downtown Maastricht with other winning dealers from throughout Europe and representatives from Kemppi. After a nice meal and plenty of vodka from the Polish contingent it was time to head back to the hotel.


Saturday was to be the highlight of the weekend as it was the day I would experience the exclusive VIP treatment in the formula one paddock club. This area was situated directly above the pit garages and offered great views of the pit lane, start/finish straight and the first corner. 



 After being greeted by the Williams hospitality there was a three course lunch and an allocated pit lane walk. Being Williams’s guests we could stand right in front of their garage and see the cars being prepared for qualifying.



  After this we had a visit from Williams driver Pastor Maldonado for photos and autographs. 


With special passes from the Williams team we were also allowed into the Williams team garage and the motor home to watch the end of qualifying. Seeing the BBC TV crew working outside and brushing past drivers on their way back to the team motor homes after qualifying was pretty surreal.




After what seemed like the briefest of visits we had to somewhat reluctantly hand back the paddock passes and return to the paddock club, then it was time for the support races before the trip back to Maastricht.


For Sunday I was back in the stands for race day, for the race there was a large Kemppi group occupying the stand all in Williams colours. The expected rain on race day to benefit the Williams cars didn’t arrive and it turned out to be a dominant Vettel victory.  Sadly it wasn’t the best race for the Williams team, but the hospitality we received was truly first class.  After the race the marshals opened the gates and fans descended upon the track.



After a walk from our stand up to the first corner, it was time to leave for the evening flight back home. Overall an unforgettable weekend, thank you Kemppi and Williams!


And thank you Richard for sharing all that with us - what an amazing weekend you had for all your hard work!












Rapid's Richard heads off to Belgium F1

by Rapid Welding 2. September 2013 13:32

A little while back we let you in on the exciting news that Rapid had won one of the top prizes from Kemppi for the European Kemppi Dealer competition, the prize being tickets to attend the F1 Grand Prix in Belgium.

Well, as all you F1 fans will know, that weekend has been and gone, and the lucky member of the Rapid team chosen to enjoy the prize and the fabulous experience was none other than Portsmouth based Richard Noyce.

We're very proud of the  whole team at Rapid, and in the spirit of letting our customers know us all a little better, I bothered Richard with a little q & a to found out more out him ......


Our Richard - A worthy recipient of the Kemppi prize


Hi Richard. Your role at Rapid is Web Assistant, what does that entail and how did you get to be so bloody clever?

My job is to assist in the day to day running of our website. I am responsible for the adding/updating of all our products on the site, taking and editing pictures of our stock, creating graphics and banners for the website, and producing our monthly newsletter and monitoring our website traffic levels. The IT skills originated from when I got my first computer and a bit of a quest to learn all I could really. I also have a degree in computing.

  What did you say when Roy presented you with the prize?

Not a lot really, it didn’t really sink in at the time. It is a really great gift for the work I’ve done on the website and greatly appreciated.

Clearly you're a bit of an F1 Fan. When/where/how did you get the bug?

I have always had an interest in cars and first got hooked on F1 after watching a race. From then on I’ve watched nearly every race probably from 10 - 11 years old. I only attended my first race this year at Budapest in Hungary, it was a great first race to go to, mainly due to the great fan atmosphere with so many different nationalities there, 30C + heat and Budapest making a great base/city break. Witnessing a Hamilton win, taking part in the post race track invasion and seeing the podium celebration was pretty incredible. I feel very lucky in getting the chance to attend my second race back to back.

 How will you be getting to Belgium and who are you taking with you?

It will be myself and those generous folks from Kemppi. I will be taking a flight there

 Do you plan on going to any other races in the future?

I would like to go to Barcelona for the Spanish grand prix and Monaco

 Do you have any other hobbies, sporting or otherwise?

Aside from formula 1 I do have an interest in other sports like football, tennis, cricket. Other interests include computer games, films and spending time with family & friends

 Do you do any welding?

Unfortunately not, Some welding skills would have been very useful with some of the old cars I’ve owned.

 The best thing about Rapid ..... ?

The Rapid Experience!


Richard has taken some fab photos of his weekend at the Grand Prix, and we'll be posting those at a later date along with a report of the weekend -  think meeting Pastor Maldonado from the Williams team and rubbing shoulders with other famous faces !

See you soon!




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F1 Prize for winning European Kemppi Dealers

by Rapid Welding 13. August 2013 20:46

An amazing prize from Kemppi - Thank you!

Rapid has won the silver prize in the European Kemppi Dealer competition, and one of our lucky team has been chosen to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Belgium Formula One Grand Prix race weekend, lapping up the atmosphere and sipping on champagne in the exclusive paddock club.

The winning businesses were the top twelve dealers with the highest net value of incoming orders (during the period of 1st June to the 31st July 2013). Included in the prize is hotel accommodation in Maastricht and transport between the hotel and race track, - meaning all the hospitality can be enjoyed to the max. The flights to and from Brussels are also included.

It's going to be an amazing weekend, and of course we'll be letting you hear all about it.

A big thank you to Kemppi for such a wonderful prize!

For more info on Kemppi and the Williams F1 team, check out this website:

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