New in at Rapid - The Kemppi Mastertig LT 250 Across The Arc Tig Add On Unit

by Rapid Welding 17. April 2013 10:00


Kemppi MasterTig LT 250 - Tig Welding without control & mains voltage cables

MasterTig LT 250 eliminates the need for traditional control and mains voltage power cables, removing related health and site safety risks, cable management and site maintenance issues. The air cooled electronic power source is ideal for challenging environments, including high ambient temperatures, humidity and sub-zero work site conditions. Powered from any DC welding power source that provides a minimum of 40 volts pole voltage, including welding generators, MMA and MIG/MAG sources, MasterTig LT 250 provides a most versatile DC TIG solution.

Key Features:

  • Light weight (12.6kg)
  • No control or mains voltage power cables required
  • Designed for extreme condition working environments including high humidity climates (up to 40C) and sub zero climates (down to -20C)
  • Precise HF and Touch-Arc ignition in both DC ,TIG and MMA
  • Clear digital display
  • Rear panel mounted gas control meter


For more information and to view similar products in Rapid's Kemppi product category, please go to:

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Seawork International Exhibition Updates!

by Rapid Welding 10. April 2013 11:49

Seawork 2013

Rapid Welding and Industrial Supplies Ltd. is at Seawork this year on stand SR15, showcasing essential equipment for the offshore market, especially for the aluminium sector. One of the many issues with boat and shipbuilding is the ability to weld or cut below deck, and working in confined spaces can be awkward and potentially hazardous enough without having to take machine equipment below too. To highlight Rapid’s ability to provide solutions, we will be displaying the Kemppi FastMig Aluminium Pulse 4200W, fitted with 25m (yes, metre) Weldsnake. The Kemppi Weldsnake is a cable with an inline feeder, and together with the 5m torch gives an impressive total length of 30m.


Kemppi Products will feature on our stand!

We’ll also have the Hypertherm 85 plasma cutter with 15m torch (which can be extended to 22m). Both these machines will be available to view on the stand, along with the lightweight and extremely portable 300Bar Integra® cylinders from Air Products, enabling boat & ship-builders greater access to their work.

We look forward to seeing you there.




International iF Product Design Award 2012 for the Kempact RA

by Rapid Welding 28. March 2013 09:26

 International iF Product Design Award 2012 for the Kempact RA






The news just in is that the Kempact RA by Kemppi has won the esteemed International iF Product Design award 2012 at the annual competition organised in Germany. The competition is hosted by iF International Forum Design which has been globally recognised as a ‘hallmark of design excellence’ for almost 60 years. Each year a team of international design experts rigorously test the products entered.

'The Kempact RA product range creates a 'completely new standard' for compact MIG/MAG machines' Kemppi

The Kempact RA product range was designed to meet the demands of modern day welders, making welding ‘efficient, accurate, and productive’. With a user survey implemented as part of the design process and involvement from participants in various countries and operating environments, the end result was a welding machine breaking boundaries in terms of usability, adaptability and design standards.

‘Completely new and innovative’ Kemppi

Kemppi made some radical changes to the architecture and functionality: the new machine is high and openable at the front, as opposed to the old design which was low and opened at the side. Other new features include an integrated gas cylinder transporter, eliminating the issue of the user having to manually lift it on and off. Robust handles and big wheels mean transportation of the machine and the cylinder is ergonomically friendly, as does the design and positioning of the new control panel.

And this isn't the first award Kemppi have won based on design and usability. In 2006 the MinarcMig Adaptive won the Red Dot Design Award and in 2009 the FitWeld Welding Machine and SuperSnake GT02S Subfeeder achieved Red Dot honorary mentions.

Congratulations Kemppi

Buy the Kemppi Kempact RA from Rapid Welding Supplies. See our Full Range of Welders & Welding Equipment on site & Buy On-line Now for great discounts!

For more information try: Info


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Now In Stock! Victor Professional Edge Series Regulator

by Rapid Welding 28. March 2013 09:25

In Stock - Victor Professional Edge Series Regulator

Rapid now have stocks available of the Victor EDGE ESS3 series gas regulator, an industry leader in advanced safety design.

There have been some ground breaking improvements in attention to safety, durability and performance at Victor HQ, no less than with the new EDGE ESS3 series gas regulator revolutionary SLAM Technology - a breakthrough in design aimed at protecting the user and the critical regulator components.  

Accidents do happen!

If the gas cylinder were to topple over the regulator would take a direct hit, likely resulting in damage to the inlet stem. At the very least, a full replacement would be required. Worst case scenario, the cylinder is turned into a compressed gas rocket.

With the Victor EDGE ESS3 series gas regulator, the multi stage crumple zone slows velocity and absorbs the impact energy from the fall, effectively protecting the critical regulator internals and cylinder valve.

As well as the obvious ground breaking safety characteristics, the Edge Series Regulators also feature:

  • A forged brass body
  • Smaller, lighter, more compact
  • Colour-coded knobs for quick gas identification
  • Easy to read gauges with enhanced graphics
  • External self reseating relief valve
  • 1.5” (40mm) high contrast steel gauges
  • Design offers a more natural/safer hand/body positioning for adjusting delivery pressure


·         Model No: ESS3-10b-BS3N

·         Gas: Argon/CO2

·         Delivery Pressure: 10 Bar (140 PSI)

·         Max Inlet Pressure: 300 Bar

To watch the video for this product and for more information go to:


And don’t forget, Andy is always available to speak to in person. Contact him via the WebChat by following the link below, or telephone: 02392 214 214



Joint Celebrations with the AWD

by Rapid Welding 26. March 2013 13:04


  It's That Time Again


"The Association of Welding Distribution was created to support and promote the high professional standards of its members in dealing with customers, suppliers and competitors. Over the years the AWD has developed into the true voice of the welding industry." AWD  

A Mere Twenty Years Behind Her Majesty! 

Next month marks the AWD's (Association of Welding Distribution) annual AGM, but this year will be a joint celebration.

2013 marks the 40th Anniversary of the AWD, and with a weekend invitation to London to soak up the sights and sounds and enjoy some business, it's certainly going to be celebrated in style. The AGM, usually held in April, is an interesting, fun, and informative weekend for those who attend, and is a regular date marked on Rapid's calendar. It brings the opportunity to network with other professionals within the industry as well as enjoy the social, family orientated side of things too. For Rapid, there will be another reason to raise a glass and don our party hats at the event, because we'll be fresh from celebrating our wonderful company's 23rd Birthday, which takes place on 1st April.

We're No-one's April Fool! 

    Rapid has long since been involved with the AWD and for many years has been a member of the organisation, supporting its mission to raise the voice of welding and promote high professional standards. The AWD is committed to representing 'products and services fairly and honestly so that no one be deceived as to the nature, quality, and fitness of the products for their purpose', which fits the Rapid ethos perfectly. The association has continued to grow and develop over the years and, with good hands holding the reins, is better than ever before.

For those of you going to London, we can't wait to see you there!



For more information on AWD membership and forthcoming events:  

To visit the Rapid Website:






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Lincoln Electric Speedtec 180c & 200c Multi Process Welder Range Available from Rapid NOW!

by Rapid Welding 5. March 2013 13:15

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Lincoln Electric's latest innovation, the new Speedtec 180C and 200C Multi Process Welder Range.



Speedtec 180C & 200C

The Speedtec 180C is the standard multi-process model that can be used for CV, MIG, FCAW, and CC Stick. It is equipped with all the essential functions, like step-less arc inductance for CV MIG ot HOT Start and Arc Force Stick Welding.
The Speedtec 200C represents the latest generation of advanced multi-process machines, combining CV MIG, FCAW, Synergic MIG, CC Stick, DC Lift TIG capabilities into a compact, lightweight and portable package.
It has a large, bright (adjustable) colour TFT User Interface allowing for easy viewing of welding parameters and easy access to other features and menu's. The screen uses simple and intuitive icons for instructions and commands rather than traditional text, making the Speedtec clear and easy to understand.

Speedtec 200C User Friendly Display
Other features include:
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) - more welding power, energy and cost savings.
  • Superior Arc Performance - CV MIG: Infinitely Variable Voltage control, Wire Feed Speed & Inductance. Stick: Hot Start and Arc Force Control. TIG: Lift TIG avoids Tungsten Contamination.


Accessories are available with each machine. If you're unsure what comes with what, simply hover over the image of this cheeky little chap below - you'll find him next to each product on our website, to display the machine package contents. 

For a limited time only we are offering a FREE roll of Innershield NR-211 0.9mm and Lincoln SG2 0.8mm 5kg Mig spools worth over £100 with every multi-process ready to weld package.
Both models are now available from Rapid.
Or feel free to have a chat with Andy




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An Order Out Of The Ordinary!

by Rapid Welding 4. February 2013 11:11

Here at Rapid, we don't tend to rub shoulders with the world of showbiz on a daily basis, but every so often...........

  We were delighted last week to take an order from London based company, Air The Film Ltd, for their new production called 'The Hybrid Project'. The project is an exciting collaboration cumulating in the science fiction film, 'AIR', to be directed by Emma Maclennan.

Filming started in January and is taking place in the V&A Museum in London. To find out more about production and how you can get involved, check out these websites:

We're certainly looking forward to spotting our products on the big screen!


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FAQ's Answered! EU VAT Rules & How They Apply

by Rapid Welding 28. January 2013 10:13

Your FAQ's Answered! EU VAT Rules & How They Apply

One of the regularly asked questions we receive at Rapid is, ‘what are the rules for European VAT and how does it work between borders?’

VAT may need to be charged on the supply or transfer of goods out of the UK to an individual or company in another country. Goods supplied to another EU country are called ‘dispatches’ or ‘removals’, unlike ‘exports’, which is the term referring to sales outside the EU.


Generally speaking, the following rules of purchase will apply:

·         If you are outside the UK but in another European Union Country, you will pay VAT if you are a private individual or a company without a registered VAT number.

·         If you are registered for VAT in another EU country, VAT will not be charged (or will be zero-rated) so long as the registration number is inserted into the appropriate box during the online checkout process.

·         You will not pay import duty or VAT on your purchase when it arrives in your country.

·         If you are outside of the UK and European Union you will not pay VAT.

·                       If you are in the UK you will pay VAT regardless of your status.

For our online customers, Rapid’s checkout process offers a number of prompts to make sure the correct information is obtained, including your billing country and VAT number, so that the VAT can be updated before payment is made.

Rapid terms and conditions are also accessible from this page.

For more detailed advice and guidance, visit:

Or visit Rapid at:


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V & F Sheet Metal - Another Very Happy Customer!

by Rapid Welding 7. January 2013 08:56

As you know, here at Rapid, we love to hear what our customers think about our service and products - the good the bad and the ugly. We also like nothing better than being sent photos of the products we have sold in their new working environment - think of us as proud parents if you will!

We had a lovely email from Ray Frith at V & F Sheet Metal last week. He'd previously purchased from Rapid some welding bay curtains, and he was so pleased with them, he wanted to share with us a few snap shots of them in situ.

Thanks Ray! 


Rapid's booked for Seawork International 2013

by Rapid Welding 6. December 2012 16:23


After the success of MACH 2012, we're doing it again at Seawork 2013!


At this time of year we all look back at what we've done, how we've done it, and if next year, we can do it any better.

One of Rapid's key successes of 2012 has to be the MACH exhibition held at Birmingham NEC earlier in the year. Being 'exhibition first-timers', we had a small convoy of our equipment travel up from Portsmouth. We had open minds, sensible footwear, and our very own coffee-making machine, and in true Rapid style, we had a really successful and fun event.

Off the back of such a great experience, our Rapid team will once again be putting their best, sensibly clad feet forward, and exhibiting at the Seawork International Exhibition 2013 for the first time - we have previously attended the event as visitors.

Seawork International is one of the largest growing commercial marine and workboat events and is being held in one of Europe's busiest harbours. The event attracts over 450 exhibitors and 7200 visitors from all over the world.

The exhibition will include:

  • 10,000 m2 of exhibition space
  • Open air and under cover stands
  • On the water demonstrations
  • Purpose  built pontoons for more than 60 floating exhibits

 A busy pontoon

Seawork International 2012

As a high percentage of Rapid's customer portfolio covers the marine industry sector, Seawork is the perfect platform for us to put our message across to the international commercial marine industry. We are particularly proud to be presenting the kemppi Supersnake extended reach mig wire feeder, which is perfect for building aluminium workboats.

Seawork International runs from June 25th - 27th 2013, and you will find the Rapid Team on Stand SR15.

The exhibition takes place in the Canary Islands Fruit Terminal, 103-104 Herbert Walker Avenue, ABP Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1HJ, United Kingdom

More information about Rapid's services is available at
To visit Seawork:



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