The New Hypertherm CopperPlus Electrode for Duramax Torches

by Rapid Welding 19. June 2012 10:25

Technology Upgrade Alert!


There is always something shiny and new to talk about appearing on the market, and the new Hypertherm CopperPlus Electrode is no different. It has been designed for use with handheld Duramax torches when cutting 12mm or under, and with two times longer consumable life over original Hypertherm consumables designed for the system, it is now possible to cut more parts, reduce operating costs and lessen down time. Upgrading is easy - the CopperPlus is a drop-in replacement for the standard Duramax electrode, and it is compatible with Duramax torches installed on Powermax 65, 85, 1000, 1250, 1650, 600, 800, 900, MAX 42 and 43.

The Hypertherm CopperPlus Electrode for Duramax torches is now available to purchase online from Rapid - simply click here  for more information.

Rapid Product ref: 220777


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