Kemppi Arc System 2.0 ArcQuality - Welding Quality Management

by Rapid Welding 18. October 2012 17:11

Any welder worth their pinch of salt will make sure each job is carried out to the best of their ability and conforms to strict control measures and approved welding procedures. But is there any proof of this once the job is complete, and what formal documentation or qualitative evidence is there to confirm the correct procedures were in fact carried out, with quality materials and equipment, and by appropriately qualified personnel?

'The Kemppi Arc System 2.0, module ArcQuality (ArcQ) provides an accurate and formal solution to this quality problem.'



Kemppi  initially launched the Arc System 2.0 module Arc Quality in China this year at the July Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair, then at the HI Design Exhibition in Helsinki, Finland in August. Following on, they will be at the EuroBLECH Fair in Hanover, Germany on the 23 - 27 October (hall 13, stand E24).

 ArcQ Explained

The hub of the system comprises of an ArcQuality Smart Reader, into which can be scanned the professional credentials of the welder (taken from the bar code on their personal ID tag) and the WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) of each material alloy, welding type and shielding gas being used. If there is any deviation to WPS compliance, this information is communicated to the welder and project/managerial teams involved.

Benefits of Using the ArcQ System

  • System alerts the welder if corrective action is required, therefore saving time
  • Identifies problems prior to inspection and testing
  • Reduces costly rework
  • Ensures welder qualifications are current and valid prior to work
  • Collects and records data allowing traceability of each individual weld
  • Ensures quality control & WPS compliance
  • Records & compares information
  • Guides welders to follow acceptable procedures & use repeatable, trustworthy welding techniques
  • Allows for swift office/employer intervention should quality measures be overlooked
  • Creates non-conformance reports in real-time
  • Records arc/non arc time
  • Records service history & anticipates service needs
  • Includes a welding fleet management tool
  • Designed for monitoring MIG/MAG welding
  • Web based reporting
  • WLAN technology
  • Arc Quality Data can be logged into & viewed securely worldwide
  • Single or multiple site users
  • Provides reports for client consultation & project development in conjunction with WPS 
    'Kemppi Arc System and its module ArcQuality, provide the simple, but formal solution to ensure conformance to set welding quality standards. Of course customers may have slightly different demands in order to meet their local site needs and integrate ArcQuality to their existing quality system, so Kemppi project team can tailor most needs through client consultation and project development.'



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