What a SUPERSTAR! Another member of the Rapid Family does good!

by Rapid Welding 14. August 2014 15:30


We always stand, applaud, cheer, hang out the bunting and generally go a bit mad when one of the team do something special, and this time it's Chris Anderson's turn to get the full on fanfare.  

Chris Anderson MAAT - Rapid's latest Superstar!

Chris works in accounts, and has been at Rapid since May 2011. Yesterday he received the long awaited news that he has passed his AAT level 4 Accountancy exam (AAT stands for Association of Accounting Technicians - not Awful At Tennis as one of our office comedians suggested - and is the UK’s leading qualification and professional body for vocational accountants).

Chris has previously completed two book-keeping courses in 2011 and 2012, then the AAT level 3 in 2013. The completion of Level 4 means that Chris has achieved the highest level for AAT. 

Over the duration of the courses Chris has studied many different aspects of accounting, including business and personal tax, budgeting, accounts preparation, cash management, spreadsheet software, cost and revenue, indirect tax, professional ethics, financial performance, financial statements, not to mention coursework on internal controls and accounting systems - Phew!

So here's a big and well deserved well done from all of us at Rapid, Chris. All your hard work has paid off.

AAT - It doesn't stand for Awful At Tennis 

 Proud of Our Team!

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