On Your Arcs ...Get Set ...Weld!

by Rapid Welding 22. August 2012 09:59

Still Suffering from those Pesky Post-Olympic Blues? Have no fear. The Games are far from over, even for Welders!


All hail the fabulous sport of Wheelchair Rugby. 


Did you know Wheelchair Rugby was invented in 1977 - which apparently makes it quite young in terms of sporting activities - and premiered at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. This year it is said to be one of the most hotly anticipated sports in the Para-Olympics in London, with GB fielding a formidable team.

Wheelchair Rugby isn't particularly well publicised as a sport, but those in the know liken it to a mix of ice hockey, basketball and Rugby. From what I've seen it's fairly full on; making contact with the other players is to be expected, and although bodily contact is banned, players can and do use their wheelchairs to forcefully gain possession. The main objective is to dodge- or ram into - members of the opposing team in order to carry the ball across the goal line.  

Arcs at the ready!

As with any contact sport, injuries are part and parcel of the game, and not just to the players. While teams of Physio's line up ready to jump into action if a player is injured, joining them on the sidelines will be scores of...wait for it..... Welders! Yes, Welders will be there, primed and ready to fix broken equipment and get the players back in the game.


 A Welder Makes On-Site Repairs.


So come on all you professional and hobbyist welders, and the masses suffering from post-Olympic blues, let's get behind our Team - and our Teams support Team - one more time!

Wheelchair Rugby is running from September 5th - September 9th in the Olympic Park

For more information on this great sport and for player profiles, visit: http://www.itv.com/news/2012-08-21/murderball-medal-hopes-for-gb-in-wheelchair-rugby/

To anyone wanting to get involved, here's a link to the main governing body website: http://www.gbwr.org.uk/main/index.php



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