Why you should use an Authorised Repair Centre like Rapid!

by Rapid Welding 3. October 2017 16:41
 Why you should always use an Authorised Repair Centre like Rapid!
 Before Service 
When equipment goes wrong, it's usually at a time when you need it working at its best. Having to part with welding machinery for it to be repaired or serviced can be inconvenient, and in some cases costly to production, which is why choosing a fully approved warranty and repair centre like Rapid can help ensure that as well as extending the lifetime of your machine fleet, you can be confident that work is being undertaken by industry trained professionals, disruption is minimised as repairs and/or maintenance can be carried out off site in our fully equipped machine workshops, and for extra ease, UK wide collection and delivery can be arranged.

Need more convincing? ....... Why not take a look at our quick guide as to why choosing an authorised repair centre like Rapid is a great idea. 
After Service 
As an authorised repair centre, we can carry out warranty work, giving you the confidence that we can repair your machine if it goes wrong. 
We can easily get manufacturer parts so your equipment will be repaired using genuine OEM parts.
Our engineers are regularly trained, and we have access to all the correct repair manuals meaning we can repair your machine quickly and correctly.
We are able to get all the latest firmware updates, so your machine is always up to date with software bugs removed and improved welding characteristics.
We have access to recall information so you know your equipment is safe and working as it should be.
We have the specialist tools from the manufacturer which may be required to repair certain machines, allowing us to repair your machine correctly and safely.
Complies to the warranty conditions, which keeps you covered if something should go wrong.
Our services are continually reviewed by manufacturers, ensuring we always maintain the high standards they require.
We have access to the manufacturing R&D to sort any problems that aren’t a “repair” and any background settings that may need changing for a particular job type. We can offer innovative solutions for abnormal problems or specific welding applications you may come up against. 

We can repair and service all makes and models of welding machines and any related equipment, and our qualified engineers are factory trained for the following manufacturers: 

For more information on repairs and servicing, please email ServiceDept@RapidWelding.com or call the office on +44 (0)23 92 214 214 and ask for Karen.

Welcome to the Rapid Experience

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Welcome to the Rapid Service Department!

by Rapid Welding 24. August 2016 12:52

Welcome To ..... The Rapid Welding Service Department

 We aim to give our customers very sound reasons to want to keep doing business with Rapid, and in our book, that means providing the complete package and a wide range of services.

As well as offering sales, hire and free product support, we also run a dedicated service team of six factory trained engineers, spread over three workshops. This means we can deal with anything, from small hand tool repairs, massive fleets of welding machines, and everything in-between. Repairs and servicing can also be carried out in our workshop or on site to minimise disruption, and all equipment information is stored on our database and reminders sent to ensure you remain up to date with your servicing requirements. 

By using our servicing department, you are accessing decades of experience in the industry, allowing for thorough investigation and prompt diagnosis and repair of faults on all equipment - this even includes older, more obscure machines which, you never know, some of our team might have worked on when new!

We have also recently been appointed as an Authorised Service Centre for Lincoln Electric, meaning our service team are fully factory trained by this supplier, along with other major suppliers including Kemppi, Esab, Hypertherm, Victor & Miller.

To top it all off, we also offer a collection and delivery serivce anywhere in the UK!

For more information, our fabulous Service Department now has it's own area on the website which you can find by clicking HERE.

To access the page from the website, click on the grey bar on the home page.  

Here's an at a glance list of some of the wonderful services we can provide you with: 

Repairs and Servicing

Service Contracts

Validations and Electrical Inspections

Gas Testing 

To find out more about how the Rapid Service Department can help you, please email ServiceDept@RapidWelding.com or call the office on +44 (0)23 92 214 214 and ask for Karen.

Welcome to the Rapid Experience

Rapid welding is Lloyds registered ISO9001 

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