Welding Helmets - How Technology Has Changed The Face Of Welding!

by Rapid Welding 25. June 2012 12:57


                      Vintage?                                                                                                                                   What's on offer today!

               How Times Have Changed!

While on holiday in France - spending a few cultured moments in a local antique shop before the bar opened - I found what I guessed to be a vintage welding helmet. Taking in the cumbersome, somewhat basic looking contraption hanging from the cobweb strewn rafters, I could only marvel at how things have moved on over the years. True, if I had in fact stumbled unknowingly across a little piece of welding history, then I could see how the tinted window and leather shoulder cover might have afforded the wearer a low level of protection from arc eye or flash burn, but with its obvious weight it certainly wouldn't have been all that comfortable to work in.

Fortunately, nowadays, design and comfort sit happily alongside technology and stringent health and safety laws. As welding processes have developed, so too has the technology needed to protect the modern day welder from injury.

 We all need to be safety conscious at work these days, particularly in the construction industry where high levels of risk can be part of everyday life, but with so many different welding helmet solutions on the market you could be forgiven for feeling confused over which product to invest your hard-earned money in. It's a bit like choosing a new shampoo: volume enhancing, smoothing and de-tangling, split-end repairing or moisture boosting products line supermarket shelves, just as welding helmets can now be supplied with auto-darkening lenses, auto-lift mechanisms, arc sensing technology and funky paint jobs - all to meet the varying needs and challenges of on-the-job or in-the-garage welders.


Despite the minefield of choices, a good quality welding helmet that is comfortable, meets important safety standards, allows the wearer to perform their particular job to the best of their ability and fits the budget, is a must.


Rapid has an extensive range of conventional and electronic welding helmets and accessories for you to choose from, depending on your requirements. If you're in the market for headgear but unsure which product is right for you, or if you're just doing some research and need a quote, why not visit the website or have a chat with Rapid's online specialist, Andy, who will be able to answer your questions?

 On a final note, good luck with choosing the right welding helmet for you. Remember, all PPE is susceptible to wear and tear over time and damage, no matter how slight, might compromise the protectiveness it offers. 



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