Flashback Arrestors for Welding and Cutting Applications

by Rapid Welding 15. August 2012 12:34

Did you know that approximately 80% of all incidents are related to human error? 

With statistics like this there's no question that processes within the welding and cutting industry should be carried out by fully trained personel. Working with Acetylene, Propane or Hydrogen is a relatively safe process if handled correctly, but it can lead to dangerous situations very quickly if not.


When things go Wrong

The term 'Flashback' describes a condition which occurs when a flame returns into the supply system of a gas fuel. The causes of this vary, but may include: 

  • Wrong gas sequence during start-up
  • Blocked, worn, undersized or overheated blowpipe tip
  • Blocked section in the blowpipe, cutting attachment or heating attachment
  • Hose run over by vehicle during welding
  • Kinked or restricted hoses
  • Hoses of incorrect diameter
  • Wrong gas pressures - gauge should be in sight of operator
  • Gas hose too long causing pressure loss
  • Old gas hoses becoming still or brittle
  • Carbon or slag deposits blocking tip
  • Flame held too close to work surface
  • Hot metal falling on or burning through hose
  • Faulty equipment
  • Wrong equipment for the job

 Aviva - Risk Management Solutions


If an application results in a Flashback then a number of outcomes can occur:  The gas hose could burst, a flame could be located at the pressure regulator, or worse still, there is an explosion of the pressurized gas cylinder as the flame races through the hose at an impossible speed.

Alongside well trained staff and the correct maintenance of equipment, a Flashback Arrestor can protect against the risk of serious injury or damage. The level of protection offered will vary depending on the application being carried out, and it is always recommended tho seek advice on which product to ultimately go with.




Main Safety Elements of a Flashback Arrestor:

  • Non Return Valve - Stops the possibility of reverse gas flow, preventing two gases from creating a highly explosive mixture.
  • Flame Arrestor - A hollow cylindrical filter made of sintered stainless steel at the centre of this component effectively stops the Flashback by causing the flames flowing through the cylinder to lose energy and cool down.
  • Thermal Cut-Off Valve - Before dangerous temperatures are reached, an integrated plastic seal melts and activates a spring-loaded valve which cuts off the gas supply.

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