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The welder is protected with a welding mask and protective clothing, but have you considered the bystanders who are also exposed to hazards created by the welding process? It is important to protect bystanders too as unprotected exposure to welding can cause illnesses like conjunctivitis, arc eye, cataract and skin burns.

When creating a designated welding area or bay, it’s important to consider all involved. The designated area does not want to be isolated from other work areas so its important to have a transparent material, this is also important in case of emergencies and situations which require a fast reaction; therefore, the majority of solutions are made from PVC material. However, canvas products are also widely available.

When buying a welding curtain, strips or a screen it’s important to consider all the options available to ensure you get the right solution for you.

Curtain, Strips or a Screen?



Welding strips and curtains offer the same visual protection. The choice between the two options is based on mechanical load, when the mechanical load is heavy, strips are recommended.

A curtain is usually one sheet which is mounted at the top on a frame with curtain rings securing the curtain. Curtains come in different sizes and can be made to measure if required. Its important to consider whether your curtain is supplied with eyelets for ease of hanging.

Strips are made from the same material as a curtain, however, are hung separately, in strips with an overlap. When purchased, strips come in a roll, so its important to have accurate measurements of area designated and the ability to hang them.

Welding screens are mounted in a metal frame with a curtain hung in the middle, usually fastened on all four sides. These are supplied on wheels so they can easily be manoeuvred around a workshop when there are variations of the welding position of a large job.

Why do they come in different colours? What’s the difference?

The colour of the welding curtain makes little difference to its performance; However, the translucency of the colour is an important area for consideration. Some curtains will allow enough light to get into the welding bay, so you are able to see an outline from outside the bay. This will allow passers-by to see if someone is working inside. Canvas curtains and some darker PVC coloured options do not let any light into the bay, therefore only when someone is welding can you see there is someone working.

Other things to consider

         Certification: ISO EN 25980, this standard ensures that companies all round the world can be assured they implement high quality and safe products in their workspace. Ensure the products you select adhere to this.

         Quality: Ensure the product you buy is resistant to abrasion, tearing and weld spatter. Some curtains are self-extinguishing and can therefore also withstand welding sparks.

         Sizes: Ensure you know the size of the curtain you require. If you are going to use strips, consider the length of the roll and how much overlap you require.

         Access to the welding area: ensure you have the ability to create an opening where required.

Here at Rapid we supply a wide range of solutions to meet every requirement. All curtains, strips and screens are quality assured and comply with ISO EN 25980. They are available to shop online, click here.

If you require any further advise or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our sales team: sales@rapidwelding.com or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.


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