Welding Fumes: On-Torch Extraction

by Admin 12. August 2019 11:58

On- torch fume extraction captures the welding fumes at the weld pool, at the point of generation. The fumes created during the welding process are extracted by the openings in the nozzle at the tip of the torch, the fumes are then carried through the torch hose to a collector unit.

To treat the fumes and for maximum efficiency, the torch should be connected to a high vacuum system, which collects and filters the fume, returning the clean air back into the workshop. These units are portable solutions, which are highly manoeuvrable around the workshop.

Fume torches come into their own when being used on large jobs, when moving and repositioning source extractors can be a problem.  If you have a workshop fitted with wall mounted extraction units or large portable machines it can be hard to move these to a desired location, therefore a fume torch is the ideal solution.

If you are looking to purchase a fume torch there are a couple of points which need to be considered:

  • How easy / hard it is to control the torch
  • The weight of the torch, if welding for long periods
  • The torch doesn’t affect the protective shield gas 

               Here at Rapid we have searched the market to find the best all round torch to meet the needs of the welder. Our choice for an on-torch fume extraction torch is the Rab Grip from Binzel, this torch has several different components to ensure ease of welding.

  • Highly efficient smoke removal directly at the source without affecting the protective shield gas
  • Problem free installation in all existing MIG/MAG workstations
  • Handle with extraction control and swivel joint for optimised handling

 The Rab Grip torch is available in either 4m or 5m. It can also be purchased as a package with a Plymovent PHV portable welding fume extractor.


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If you would like any more information or would like to receive a product demonstration, please contact Ken, our Product Manager for Industrial Safety. You can get hold of him via email on ken@rapidwelding.com or on 07803 898564.


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