Introduction to Arc / Stick Welding

by Admin 16. October 2019 15:41

 Arc welding is one of several methods of using fusion for the joining of two metals. During the welding process intense heat is created by the electric arc to melt the metal and cause fusion. The arc is formed between the two pieces of metal being fused together and the electrode. This can either be a stick or wire, then this is manually guided into the joint.

The electrode can either have the purpose of simply carrying the current or it can be melted and used as a filler metal between the joint. This process is most commonly used for the manufacture of steel products. When the electrode is heated the rod creates a shield from oxygen. This stops the weld from being contaminated. This is why stick welding is also known as SMAW or shielded metal arc welding. This makes the process very versatile and a popular choice for site work and repairs.

Why Stick Weld?

  • Stick welding is an extremely versatile process. Welding can be carried out in various locations including on site and can be powered by a generator
  •  Equipment can be relatively simple, inexpensive and easy to use
  • The process is suitable for most commonly used metals and alloys
  • Good for windy and outdoor conditions, where other processes can’t be used


If stick welding is the process for you or you simply fancy giving it a go, there are several affordable stick welders available on the market. Our full range can be found by clicking here.

Here at Rapid we will shortly have the complete range of Bester by Lincoln stick sets. These are great value, ready to weld packages, which will be available very soon!  

The Bester by Lincoln range is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to stick weld. These are compact yet versatile single-phase machines.

With three models to choose from we will have the complete range of MMA Inverter welder packages, all complete with a carry case, electrode holder and 3m ground cable.

Benefits include: 

  • Great welding characteristics
  • Digital display allowing precise setting of welding current
  • Generator compatible
  • Lift TIG with excellent striking
  • 2 Year warranty



For more information on these machines, or any other, don’t hesitate to contact the Rapid Team!

Either call +44 (0)23 92 214 214, email or ask Andy through the Rapid Website.


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