World's First - Bluetooth Welding Helmet - Fronius's New Visor Connect

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Throughout a 6-8 hour day of welding, a welder can ignite the arc more than a hundred times. Every time the arc is ignited, there is a split-second delay before an automatic auto-darkening filter cartridge reacts and closes. The new, Fronius Vizor connect uses Bluetooth technology, to auto darken the lens eradicating the delay.

  New technology from Fronius reduces the delay in the time from the arc igniting and the filter reacting.  The Visor Connect Helmet is connected to the welding machine via a Bluetooth connection, this enables the helmet to be darkened before the arc is even ignited.  The auto-darkening filter cartridge remains reliably darkened even at extremely low currents and during out-of-position welding. 

This works particularly well for low amp TIG welding and even considers the pre and post flow gas to ensure the lens works in conjunction with the arc.

The autopilot feature works with the Bluetooth connectivity and automatically adjusts the lens to correct level of protection required. The auto-darkening filter cartridge darkens automatically and regulates the level of protection according to the arc intensity.

The Visor Connect features a specially designed shaped filter cartridge, which gives the wearer six times the field of vision of conventional welding helmets. With a brightness level of 2.5 when open, the Visor Connect is ideal for pre-fabrication and rework tasks, as the welder will no longer need continually take the helmet on and off.The Visor connect can also be used with all conventional welding systems as it hosts all the advantages of a high-quality automatic welding helmet.

The Visor Connect is compatible with the Fronius MagicWave 230i, TransTig 230i and TPS/I models.  These are the three Bluetooth enabled Fronius welding systems, in which the Visor can offer the welder complete protection.The Visor Connect is available as a conventional mask as well as well as an air fed version. The air fed version can be used with Optrels E3000 and E3000x PAPR systems.

These helmets are available to buy from Rapid Welding and can be found here on our website. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us. 


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