Kemppi SuperSnake GTX: The Ultimate Distance Wire Feeding System

by Rapid Welding 29. November 2021 14:08


Lift it. Drag it. Pull it: The Kemppi SuperSnake GTX is the ultimate distance wire feeding system for those hard-to-reach welding sites. 

Providing an alternative to the motorized push-pull welding guns with limited reach, or heavy wire feeders with extended cable sets, the SuperSnake GTX features 10/15/20/25 metre cable package options and trouble free, automatic wire loading up to 30 meters from the primary wire feeder.



As you would expect from Kemppi, the SuperSnake GTX brings better welding quality, improved power regulation and a whole host of other great features. 

USERBILITY Easy local control is achieved via the User interface, putting parameter adjustment, voltage control and general fine tuning at the welder’s fingertips. Large rubber control knobs allow for accurate adjustments to be made, and the clear metre display is easy to read in all light conditions and environments. 

THE PACKAGE The strong yet compact metal protection frame secures and supports the cables, connectors, and hoses, and can be easily opened for fast cable package management. The protection frame can also be used for suspending and hanging the SuperSnake GTX above the work area.SAFETY

The safety lock ON/OFF switch prevents welding with the primary welding system powered on; a valuable safety feature during rest breaks or moving welding locations.


For more information on the Kemppi SuperSnake GTX, contact Rapid Welding by telephone: +44 (0)2392 214 214 or email:


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